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Are you constantly trying to find the perfect balance to motivate your team? Are your agents tired of attending in-office sales meetings? Are you limited on time to research and prepare for your next sales meeting? Do you need to recruit more agents for your team? Could your agents use additional training from a new voice?

At Easy Sales Meetings, we understand your problems, and we want to help provide a solution for you.

Yes, we understand how important it is to recruit top talent, train new recruits, and most importantly, retain your agents for future profits.

Let us show you how we can help you with recruiting, training, and retention of your team members.

Learn How You Can Add As Much as $20,000 (+/-) to Your Bottom line Every Month With Easy Sales Meetings

Hello, my name is John Mayfield:

I received my real estate license in 1978 at the age of 18. I have been a practicing broker since 1981 and have owned and operated as many as three offices in Southeast Missouri during my real estate career.

I have taught pre and post-license real estate courses since 1988. I have earned the ABR®, ABRM, CRB, CIPS, e-PRO®, GRI, RENE, (Real Estate Negotiation Expert) Military and SRS designations (whew, that's a lot, and please know I don't mean to brag. I just love education).

I was awarded both REALTOR-Associate and REALTOR of the Year by my local board.

In 2014 I was blessed to receive the Richard A. Mendenhall Leadership award from Missouri REALTORS®. Richard was our 2001 NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) President, and an all-around GREAT guy! More blessings came my way in 2019 when I was given the REBI Hall of Leaders Award in San Francisco, CA at the NAR Conference.

In 2020, I received the prestigious DREI (Distinguished Real Estate Instructor) from the Real Estate Educators Association.

I have had an incredible journey, and trust me, (very blessed) to have spoken to thousands of real estate professionals in over 25 countries throughout my speaking career.

I try to remain active on a local, state, and national level for the REALTORS® Association. In 2010, I was the National President of the CRB Council of Real Estate Brokers and Managers, (now known as the Real Estate Business Institute, REBI). I continue to write a sales meeting column for REBI each quarter.

I have served as the Global Liaison for the National Association of REALTORS® to Greece, Serbia, and Bulgaria during my real estate career, and as the Missouri REALTORS® 2022 President. I am still active on an international level and have spent time working as a real estate agent in France.

Today, I own and operate Global Real Estate School - www.GlobalRealEstateSchool.com - where we offer pre-license real estate courses in over nine states, as well as other real estate products for agents and brokers, including Easy Sales Meetings.

John D. Mayfield, The Business Tech Guy

John Mayfield

Author | Broker | Speaker


Here's what is included with your membership:

Monthly Sales Meetings

Receive a new sales meeting each month. Choose from our DIY (Do it Yourself) meeting, or allow John to co-present the meeting with you. Even better, let John deliver the meeting for your team. Each monthly meeting includes a recorded video, a handout for your team members, and more.

Real Estate School Scholarships

Receive one (1) free scholarship for new recruits to Global Real Estate School (offer limited to states Global Real Estate School is approved in). Non-approved states receive one free Ultimate Real Estate Exam Prep Course Scholarship.

The $297 plan includes one scholarship, the $497 plan includes three (3) scholarships each month. Discounts for additional recruits are always available.

Sales Training for Your Team

EVERYONE in your office receives access to our online coaching program (5-Minutes to Jumpstarting Your Real Estate Career, FREE - Available 24/7 - a $497 Value), monthly coaching webinars, real estate letters, plus much more.

Social Media Posts

To accompany your FREE monthly recruitment scholarship, we customize social media posts each month to help you recruit new talent for your office. Our social media posts are tailored to correspond with the specific month of the year. Remember, recruiting is the lifeblood of your real estate brokerage. We make it EASY to recruit at Easy Sales Meetings.

Access to Exclusive Interviews

Every month, John interviews a special guest (industry expert) that will help you learn how to sharpen your skills as a real estate broker. These exclusive interviews by themselves are worth the investment for your membership.

Monthly Coaching Webinars

Every agent is invited to John's private coaching webinars. Each month John will enlighten your team on the latest tech trends, marketing ideas, and much more. Participants are given homework for the month and will be held accountable for their assignments.

And yes, we are even featuring "broker and manager" specific webinars for you to watch live or the recorded version throughout the year.


Recruit - Train - Retain (Better)

A monthly membership may be exactly what you need to grow your business.

Find out how you could add $20,000 (+/-) 
per month to your bottom line!
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Still have questions?

Feel free to set up a call with me using my Calendy appointment scheduler below. I'm always happy to visit with you and share more information about my sales meeting membership site.

Your sales meetings were exactly what I was looking for to help keep my team motivated and productive. Thank you, John Sandy G

Your Agents Will Love You.

Look at all of the benefits and value your agents will receive from your membership:


Jumpstart Your Real Estate Career Coaching Program

Your team members will have access to our exclusive Global Real Estate School Academy. The real estate academy features recorded webinars, video workshops, and our online course, "5 Minutes to Jumpstarting Your Real Estate Career - a $497.00 Value!"


Business Planning Workshop

New and existing agents will have access to John's exclusive business planning workshop for real estate agents. Every agent can use John's Excel spreadsheet template to determine how many transactions they will need to close each month to earn a profit.


Monthly Tech Tips

John Mayfield, "The Real Estate Tech Guy," provides your team members with the latest technology tools. What's good to use, what's not, and how to implement technology into their real estate business.


Monthly Coaching Webinars

Your agents will have access to monthly coaching calls with John Mayfield, where John will provide prospecting, marketing, and technology education. Your agents can ask John questions and report back on the previous month's assignment for accountability. Think of these coaching webinars as your "trainer in a box!" And yes, we even provide "broker"- specific webinars to help you grow your real estate company as the owner, broker, or manager.


Access to Our Real Estate Sales Letters Library

All of your agents will have access to John's complete real estate letters sales library. Your agents can find expired listing letters, letters for for-sale-by-owners, spheres of influence, and more.

Wait - There's More


Access to Our Private Facebook Community

We have created a private Facebook Community for your agents to collaborate and share best practices with other members from all across the country.


1 - 3 FREE Real Estate School Scholarships per Month

As a broker or team leader, you will receive one (1) or three (3) FREE monthly scholarships to help you recruit agents for growth and profit (scholarships only applicable to your membership plan chosen). If you are located in a state where we do not have an approved school, you will still receive FREE exam prep materials (the national portion of the real estate exam) to provide recruits for your team.


Social Media Posts to Help You Recruit

Each month, we will provide you with customized social media posts to help you recruit new agents for your team. Add your logo, and post to your social media accounts.


And Much More

And yes, we will be adding more benefits and resources to help you grow your company or team in the future.

"Let me be your virtual trainer in a box!" John D. Mayfield, real estate broker, international speaker and author.

John D. Mayfield, The Business Tech Guy
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